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Mississippi Inventor Develops Earring Assembly


John Ravenstein of Jackson, Miss., has developed an earring assembly with an earring and an accessory.

According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "The earring includes a fastening mechanism and an ornamental portion. The accessory is removably attached with the earring and is configured to corresponding mate with the ornamental portion to enhance and compliment the ornamental appearance of the earring. The accessoElsa Peretti Sevillana drop earringsry is readily removed and replaced by a system of posts that engage catches and lock the accessory in position with the earring. The back of the ornamental portion has posts that mate with notches defined in the catches positioned on the accessory."

An abstract of the invention, released by the Patent Office, said: "The ornamental portion also includes a lip. The accessory further includes biasing means augmenting the system of posts and catches to ensure the secure positioning of the accessory against the lip of the ornamental portion of the earring."

The inventor was issued U.S. Patent NElsa Peretti Sevillana earringso. 7,219,515 on May 22.

The original application was filed on Nov. 19, 2002, and is available at:,219,515.PN.&OS=PN/7,219,515&RS=PN/7,219,515.

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