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The Tiffany Co Designer, Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore, the dean of display art in American retailing, works a year ahead on his designs for the Tiffany windows, the most expensive display space in the world. ''YoElsa Peretti Sevillana drop earringsu wouldn't want to think about Easter in November,'' he said, waving an ever-present cigarette. ''I have to be in the mood along with everybody else.''
Every year since 1955, he has used eggs to represent the arrival of spring and the joy of Easter. That makes 34 different egg-based displays, so at the moment he is trying to invent new interpretations for this common symbol of creation. He has scrambled them, painted them and strung them into necklaces, some yeaElsa Peretti Sevillana earringsrs piling hundreds of them in each window.
It is a classic Moore design, the fragile egg ready to drop, the pin camouflaged among the clover and tucked beneath an azalea bush in full bloom. It represents a contrast so full of energy that shoppers cruising past the most important retail corner in the United States pull themselves up short to gaze through the window, and then break into a smile as the joke leaps through the glass to grab them.
He landed a position with a company that produced displays for Fifth Avenue department stores. His first assignment, for Bergdorf Goodman, involved the creation of twElsa Peretti Open Heart drop earringso dogs out of chicken wire and leaves.
Since then, he has spent his career in windows between 56th and 58th streets: I. Miller, Bergdorf, Bonwit Teller and Tiffany. In the process, he has helped change the role of the display artist from that of window trimmer to something more closely resembling a marketing planner. Prop Builder to Corporate Officer


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